It was always songs for me.  From the childhood hootenannies singing “Red River Valley” to “I Come to the Garden Alone” a hundred times at church growing up, to “Puppy Love” and “Old Shep” and my first live performance of “Lodi” onstage with my Dad, my life has been filled with the songs of my heroes and of my own making.

John Denver showed me what was possible with just a guitar and a voice and Alice Cooper taught me that rock and roll could still be about catchy, singable tunes.  Springsteen broke my heart by being too beautiful and Elvis Costello put it back together by being so literate.

I have pursued these illusive creatures my whole life and have had the great pleasure of capturing a few of my own that might meekly stand alongside the ones that inspired me to make this my life’s work.  People often say to me, “You put that in a way I never could.”   It is just as true for me. Despite my best attempts to tell my story and to say in a couple of lines the thing closest to my heart, it is no surprise that it was already said for me by a songwriter before I ever put pen to paper.

“When my life is over
Remember when we were together
We were alone
And I was singing my song for you.”

One on one with my guitar.  A hundred people in a club.  Millions listening to the radio or watching TV as someone else performs something I have helped create.  Thanks for letting me sing my songs for you.