song sessions

Imagine harnessing the power of a song to tell your corporate or team story at your next meeting or event!
“Song Sessions” will help you do just that. Facilitated by multiple Billboard #1’s and Grammy award winning singer/songwriters Billy Dean, Monty Powell and Anna Wilson, your group will be lead on an amazing creative journey, learning the art of a focused idea generation, the important skills of break out group collaboration and the specific creative un-blocking techniques used by our world class songwriters. Together as a group you will write an original song that tells your story. Fun and interactive, the collaborative songwriting process mirrors all of the problem solving challenges confronted daily in the corporate world. As a team you will unlock your creativity while learning in a process that is as entertaining as it is educational!

Click here to view a short video presentation of a Song Sessions curriculum in action! Watch as 68 Executives from Qualcomm in San Diego, CA are lead on a creative journey out of the maze of techno jargon and into the broader themes of how their daily work in the cellular communications industry positively impacts people around the world everyday. See them connect with core values and missions as the facilitation of their song “Making Distance Disappear” unfolds in real time before your eyes.